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Seedlings & Transplants

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Download a PDF version of our 2020-21 Price Catalog.
*Please call or email for availability for seedlings & transplants.


Frasier Fir
Tree: Fraser Fir
Name: Abies fraeri
Origin: Roan Mountain
Canaan Fir
Tree: Canaan Fir
Name: Abies intermedii
Origin: West Virginia
Balsam Fir
Tree: Balsam Fir
Name: Abies balsamea
Origin: Nova Scotia
Concolor Fir
Tree: Concolor (White) Fir
Name: Abies concolor
Origin: Cibola
Douglas Fir
Tree: Douglas Fir
Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii
Origin: Lincoln


Colorado Blue Spruce
Tree: Colorado Blue Spruce
Name: Picea pungens
Origin: San Juan & Kaibab
Norway Spruce
Tree: Norway Spruce
Name: Picea abies
Origin: Lake States
Serbian Spruce
Tree: Serbian Spruce
Name: Picea omorika
Origin: Yugoslavia
Blackhill Spruce
Tree: Black Hill Spruce
Name: Picea glauca densata
Origin: Black Hills, SD
White Spruce
Tree: White Spruce
Name: Picea glauca
Origin: Lake States

Pine & More

Red Pine
Tree: Red (Norway) Pine
Name: Pinus resinosa
Origin: Lake States
Scotch Pine
Tree: Scotch Pine
Name: Pinus sylvestris
Origin: Scothighland
White Pine
Tree: White Pine
Name: Pinus strobus
Origin: Lake States
Canadian Hemlock
Tree: Canadian Hemlock
Name: Tsuga canadeusis
Northern White Cedar
Tree: Northern White Cedar
Name: Thuja occidentalis
Origin: Lake States
Tree: Arborvitae
Name: Thuja occidentalis variety
Variations: Dark Green, Techny, Emerald & Green Giant
Austrian Pine
Tree: Austrian Pine
Name: Pinus nigra
  • All Forests Begin with Seedlings!

    The main focus of our business is the growing of quality seedlings and transplants. We are dedicated to providing quality planting stock for Christmas Tree Growers, Reforestation, and Homeowners throughout the Midwest.

    We thank you for your continued support and look forward to the opportunity of serving you.

    Brian & Cim Bosch

  • Our Pricelist

    *Please call or email for availability for seedlings & transplants.
    Pricelist cover image link to PDF
    If you would like to have the complete Bosch’s Nursery 2020-21 pricelist, please download it here. [1.8MB PDF]